English Department’s Students are ‘People’s Champions’ in FORKOM FKIP National Competitions 2020



Diesnatalis FKIP FORKOM Negeri Se-Indonesia 2020 has successfully been held from June 13th to August 9th 2020. This year, the annual event was hosted by University of Jember. There were several branches of competition such as teaching contest, creative online teaching media and scientific paper which being a part of the event.

The agenda was started by the election of delegation from each major in Faculty of Pedagogy and Teacher Training of University of Lampung. There were at least 30 registrants from Language and Art major. However, only 14 students were chosen to be registered to the competition who were screened subjectively by their personal achievement. Luckily, the four delegates were English Department students – Rella Islami who competed in teaching contest and a team consisted of Annisa Azzahra, Dian Pawitri Ayu and Dewi Lestari who participated in creative online teaching media.

The participants were required to join a series of webinar as the technical meeting of each branch. Then, they were given two weeks to create videos, as the fulfillment of competition, which were uploaded to FKIP Univertas Jember’s YouTube channel. To get the highest point at the scoring table, the submitted video must get many views, likes, and comments.

The deputy of dean from faculty of pedagogy and teacher training in state university in Indonesia were entreated to be the adjudicators of the competition. It means there was a chance that every video was assessed by different person.

The result of the competition was announced on August 9th 2020, a week ago, through final webinar. Nevertheless, the delegation from English Department had accomplished all of the agenda by the sweat of their brow.

Their masterpiece can be watched by clicking the link below:

Proper Way for Asking and Giving Advices ( https://youtu.be/6KQZ6fkLKsE )

How News-casting Helps English Learning (https://youtu.be/UtD9ASs68So)

Author: Dian Pawitri Ayu

Editor: Fajar