SEEDS x Bright Scholarship Holds Iftar On The Road Event during Ramadan

The committee distributes takjil to the riders at the Adipura monument. (Friday, 8 April 2022)

SEEDS FKIP University of Lampung organized Iftar On the Road (IOTR) activities twice throughout Ramadan this year, on the 8th and 17th of April 2022, to fill this holy month of Ramadan. SEEDS also opened donations for this project. As a results, Rp. 1,401,000, was raised from the contribution.

The money was utilized to provide takjil in the form of light appetizers including fried food, cakes, and drinking water for the first IOTR. On Friday, April 8, 2022, this activity took place at Tugu Adipura. It targeted Gojek drivers to homeless persons in the area in this project.

The committee took a group photo after the first IOTR activity. (Friday, 08 April 2022)

SEEDS worked with BrightScholarship University of Lampung to host the second IOTR activity. On Sunday, April 17, 2022, the event took place at Taman Lungsir. SEEDS and Bright Scholarship collaborated on this project to distribute takjil food to break the fasting.

SEEDS and Bright Scholarship took a group photo after the second IOTR.
(Sunday, 18 April 2022)

In this blessed Ramadan, the big family of SEEDs hope that people who donate, distribute, or receive will be blessed as a result of this effort.

Author: Heriyanto
Editor: Dita Indah Ardeyanti