SEEDS Goes to FKIP Organizations


SEEDS successfully conducted a working visit to some of student associations within the scope in the Department of Language and Arts Education at the FKIP University of Lampung. Aim to provide fresh perspectives on the organizational structure, this collaboration also told the ups and downs in the journey of running an organization as well as to strengthen the bonding between students. This activity was carried out on June in the midst of the Final Examination Semester.

Heriyanto as chairman of SEEDS (left) receive a commemorative certificate from Figo Fajar as chairman of IMABSI.

The first visit of SEEDS to other organizations was to IMABSI that was held offline at one of the gazebos’ FKIP Lampung University. The unique parts of IMABSI are the divisions of Language and also the division of Literature which we can’t find in other organizations. According to Figo, the chairman of IMABSI, stated that IMABSI is one of the new organizations that still trying to improve their organizational structure. A group photo and gathering activities were also added to conclude this agenda.

SEEDS’ Presidium took a picture together with the Presidium of HMJPBS after the discussion.

The second organization was HMJPBS, also known as the Student Association of the Department of Language and Arts Education. This organization is in charge of managing the assortment of study programs that are under the scope of the Department of Language and Arts Education, including SEEDS in it. During the discussion, the two organizations exchanged grievances and advice on how to make a great bond between members of each division in this online era. Endi, as the chairman of HMJPBS, welcomed this initiative to fostering better relationships amongst organizations.

Certificate of appreciation as commemorative for IMASAPRA after the discussion.

SEEDS also held a meeting with IMASAPRA, or the French Language Student Association as the last organization in the working visit agenda. In this occasion, Dini, the head of IMASAPRA, stated that activities like these were very helpful and beneficial. It is important to preserve positive relationships with organizations, especially those that are under the purview of FKIP.

At the end of the day, SEEDS has visited three organizations under the scope of FKIP University of Lampung. Hopefully, SEEDS will be able to influence more organizations at the University of Lampung in the future.

Author: Heriyanto
Editor: Dita Indah Ardeyanti