English Education Department First Offline Class after 2 Years


The Corona pandemic that hit Indonesia for 2 years forced English language education students to conduct lectures in online way. However, the pandemic situation that is starting to decrease gives students the opportunity to attend lectures directly (with health protocol).

The enthusiasm of the students themselves was very enthusiastic to about participating in this offline activity. Moreover, that is more than half of the number of students who took part in this offline activity.

The students of class ED’20 A take a group photo after finishing their class.
(Wednesday, April 6 2022)
The students of class ED’20 B take a group photo after finishing their class.
(Tuesday, April 5 2022)

This offline class is taught by Mr. Mahpul with English Teaching Method (ETM) as the course. Mr. Mahpul said that he is very happy to be able to meet directly with students in the classroom. He feels that offline classes can make it easier for students to capture the material he is presenting. Moreover, he said students often have wrong perceptions when listening to his explanation through the zoom meeting due to various obstacles.

Hopefully, the start of this offline class can improve the quality of learning towards a better English Department in the future.

Author : Heriyanto
Editor   : Febby Cilcila