Welcome from the Head

Welcome to our homepage!

Unila’s English Education Study Program is a lively and exciting place to study English and English education. Our lecturers have diverse interests including education, English teaching, linguistics, literature, and culture.

We also have various activities that you can take advantage of them all including the English Club, Events of Students’ Organization (SEEDS), Public Speaking, Drama, etc.

What’s more? Classes are quite small so you’ll be familiar with them in no time. Our department have welcoming lecturers who enjoy working with students and helping them to do their best. We prepare our students for many professional opportunities: English teaching, English language editing and/or publishing, translation service (English into Indonesian and vice versa), etc. Above all, our students are well-prepared for pretty much whatever career they choose to do.

We offer a quite small atmosphere of friendliness with big-future opportunities. Don’t hesitate to come for a visit!


Dr. Ari Nurweni, M.A.

Head of the English Education Study Program, Department of Language and Arts, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, University of Lampung.