5th Anniversary of SEEDS FKIP University of Lampung

The Iftar participants enjoyed their food at Wiseman Garden Café.
(Tuesday, 12 April 2022)

On April 11, 2022, SEEDS FKIP University of Lampung celebrated its fifth birthday. Therefore, SEEDS hosted an Iftar activity on Tuesday, April 12, 2022 at Wiseman Garden Café in Pahoman to commemorate the occasion. For this event, English language education students from the batches of 2021, 2020, and 2019 is very excited to participate in this activity. A total of 66 persons showed up to participate in the activity.

The iftar activity was chosen since it corresponds to the time of Ramadan that we are all experiencing at the same time. In addition to commemorating the SEEDS’ birthday, this event serves as a link amongst English education students who had previously only been able to communicate via virtual means.

The same thing was conveyed by Heriyanto (ED’20) as the general chairman of seeds 2022.  He stated that this iftar celebration was held in the spirit of brotherhood and togetherness, and that he hoped that each student would be able to participate actively in all seeds activities in the future. It is not only for the sake of seed advancement, but also to provide a welcoming and supporting environment for fellow students.

(To conclude the Iftar activities at Wiseman Garden Café, the attendees took a group photo.)

Hopefully with increasing age this can be a whip for students to advance our association (SEEDS) and English education study program for general.

SEEDS FKIP UNILA! Bond! Beyond! Compare!

Author : Heriyanto
Editor  : Febby Cilcila