Vision and Mission

English Study Program, Department of Language and Arts

Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, University of Lampung

English Education Study Program is a study program that prepares and educates students to become English teachers, linguists, and translators from Indonesian into English and vice versa.

Vision and Mission


English Education Study Program will have become one of the most excellent study programs in Indonesia by 2021.


  • To provide a higher educational service that is in harmony with the development of science and technology, as well as to make professional English teachers with characters.
  • To conduct research on English education to improve English quality of learning and scientific culture.
  • To provide community services in the field of education to improve both the quality of learning and English education.
  • To establish sustainable local, national, and international partnership with public as well as relevant institutions (Higher Education, schools, and stakeholders).
  • To undertake good governance effectively and efficiently.


  • To bear prospective educators of English who own four kinds of competencies in terms of pedagogy, professionalism, personality, and social conscience.
  • To improve the quality of learning by creating innovative, progressive, and creative English learning in schools, educational institutions, and in community through research.
  • To troubleshoot English learning and improve its relevance through community service activities.
  • To realize cooperation in the field of education with other higher educational institutions, alumni, public, and related institutions.
  • To improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the managerial performance by optimizing the existing resources and other supporting resources to result in a synergy.