Prof. Lusmeilia Afriani, The New Rector of University of Lampung for 2023-2027 Period


Prof. Dr. Ir. Lusmeilia Afriani, D.E.A., I.P.M., was officially inaugurated as Rector of University of Lampung (Unila) for the period 2023 – 2027 at the Inauguration of Ministry of Research and Technology Officials at the Ministry of Education and Culture Building on the third floor, Jakarta, Wednesday (18/1/2023).

The inauguration was carried out by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Research and Technology, Ir. Suharti, M.A., Ph.D., and broadcasted live through the Ministry’s Youtube channel.

After being inaugurated, Prof. Lusmeilia signed the minutes of handover of the position of Rector of Unila. The signing was carried out by Dr. Mohammad Sofwan Effendi, M.Ed. who was previously appointed as acting Rector of Unila since August 2022, to Prof. Lusmeilia.

Prof. Lusmeilia Afriani is the first woman to serve as Rector of University of Lampung. The Civil Engineering lecturer received 44 votes in last year’s rector election. In the inauguration ceremony, the Rector received a special message from Prof. Suharti to be brave and firm in fighting corruption.

Ir. Suharti giving her speech at the Inauguration of Ministry of Research and Technology Officials.

Ir. Suharti in her speech said that the Ministry of Education and Culture supports the President’s vision and mission to realize an advanced, sovereign, independent, and personalized Indonesia through the creation of Pancasila Students. For this reason, the transformation carried out by Kemendikbudristek over the past three years is really to ensure that the goals set are achieved.

The independent learning policy implemented through several development programs and activities is not only financed by the government, but also by the community working together and collaborating with other parties.

“Of course it is our duty together to ensure that it runs as well as possible. The implementation of activities carried out will not be maximally successful if we do not hold the principles of integrity, creative and innovative, learning initiatives uphold meritocracy, actively involved, and also doing it selflessly,” she said.

Therefore, specifically for the new Unila Rector, she emphasized the importance of paying attention to the principle of integrity to restore the good name of Lampung University.

In addition to inaugurating the Rector of Unila, the Secretary General of Kemendikbudristek inaugurated and took the oath of office of administrator officials, supervisory officials, and functional officials within Kemendikbudristek.


Editor: Dita Indah Ardeyanti