Representatives of The English Education Department Won Several Achievements in 54th Dies Natalis FKIP

Participants of the English debate competition took a photo with the committee after running the final match in Hall B of FKIP University of Lampung. (Friday, 2022/04/02)

FKIP University of Lampung held various activities in the framework of their 54th Dies Natalis, these activities included various competitions such as English debate competition, scientific paper, MTQ, MHQ, and Microteaching competition. Not only for students, competitions were also held for fellow lecturers and staff throughout FKIP University of Lampung. In the end of the day, the series of events closed with a scientific oration by the dean of FKIP University of Lampung represented by Dr. Sunyono, M.Si (Thursday, 2022/02/10).

English Education as one of the study programs in the FKIP University of Lampung also sent their representatives to participate the competitions that were held and won several awards. English education sent 2 representatives in the English debate competition and successfully won first and third place. Preliminary round was held virtually on February 2th and the final match was held offline on February 4th in the hall B of FKIP university of Lampung. The first team that won 1st place consisted of Heriyanto (ED’20), Diva Annisa Fitri (ED’21), and Tiara Zahra Angelina Usman (ED’20) while the second team that won third place consisted of M. Auliya Maulidhan (ED’ 21), Chiara Adellia (ED’21), and Yesyurun Bakara (ED’21). In the end of the day, Tiara managed to become the Best Speaker of the tournament.

The first team (left side) and the second team (right side) from English education department met in the semifinals of English debate competition. (Friday, 2022/04/02)

On the other hand, English education also sent their representative in the Microteaching competition represented by Antisya Azzahra (ED’18) who had a duet with one of the PGSD student. Antisya succeeded in becoming the 1st place in the competition by defeating all representatives from the other study programs. Therefore, the competition was conducted offline on February 3th at the K building of FKIP University of Lampung.

Antisya Azzahra (The one who stands up) is explaining the material when participating in the Microteaching Competition at the K building of the FKIP University of Lampung. (Thursday, 2022/03/02)

Last but not least, English education also successfully winning the MHQ (Musabaqah Hifdzil Qur’an) branch. The competition was held on February 6th virtually through the Zoom meeting platform and the announcement of the competition was delivered on February 7th offline in hall B FKIP University of Lampung. English Education won the championship through their representative Naila Faza (ED’21) who won 1st place in the MHQ 5 Juz branch, followed by Ratu Mutiara Amanah (ED’20) who also won 3rd place in MHQ 5 Juz. Meanwhile, Divara Aulia Haning Tyas (ED’20) won 3rd place in the MHQ 10 Juz branch.



Editor: Dita Indah Ardeyanti