English Education Department UNILA Hosted the 2nd International Conference on English Language Teaching and Learning


The English Education Department of University of Lampung has successfully hosted The 2nd International Conference on English Language Teaching and Learning. As it’s named, the event was the second international conference held by the department. The keynote speakers were linguists and education practitioners from four different countries; Dr. Hisham bin Dzakiria from Universiti Utara Malaysia, Dr. POH Soon Koh from National Institute of Education, Sydney Garvis, a fellowship to UNSYIAH, Aceh, and Dr. Muhammad Sukirlan from University of Lampung. As for the topic, it was focused on the modern language teaching and learning with the main concern on English Language Teaching and Learning for Millennial Generations

The conference was held on November 16, 2019. The opening speech was delivered the vice rector on academic affair, Professor Bujang Rahman and the Chair of the Conference, Dr. Ari Nurweni. The first keynote speaker, Dr. Hisham bin Dzakiria presented his study on neuro linguistic programing (NLP), while Dr. Sukirlan explained the challenges and opportunities in teaching English in modern era. Adding to the two keynote speakers, Dr. POH presented the relation between cultural ways of learning with the learning styles of millennial generations, and Sydney Garvis came with the language learning strategies used by 21st century generations.  

Two different sessions were held: panel session with keynote speakers in the morning, and parallel sessions, where academician and language practitioners presented their work, in the afternoon. Around 75 participants were attending the conference and 44 paper presenters were enrolled in parallel sessions. The number of paper presenters were increasing compared to the 1st ICON ELTL that was held in 2018.

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