Introducing The Best Graduate from English Department, Celiacika Gustisiwi Puteri


Celiacika Gustisiwi Puteri become the Best Graduate of University of Lampung’s English Education Department during one of the graduation periods. Being the best graduate makes her feel grateful and proud because her struggle to pursue an undergraduate education has not been in vain.

“The feeling that I feel is definitely a sense of pride. Alhamdulillah, what I have been fighting for could be achieved and it is quite satisfying for me for now.” she said.

When she was asked by one of our team, Dita Indah, in an interview on March 20th 2022, about the impact of online learning on the completion of her study, she stated that each thing has its own strength and weakness. Everything depends on our commitment to do it.

“In every situation (online learning), there must be strengths and weaknesses, but the only drawback is you can’t meet your lecturer in person and perhaps that there is ineffectiveness in some ways.” she stated.

According to her, having activities outside the campus is also one of the important things that we must do. There are so many things that we can get by participating in off-campus activities. For example, we can actively participate in volunteer activities, become a campaigner, also learn additional knowledge from outside the campus. They are very useful for our self-development.

She said that English Department students are recommended to take part and have the opportunity to participate, one of which is held by AIESEC in Unila on every lecture holiday. She also give us motivation to always do our best in every situation.

“I hope that all of us could create a masterpiece and be motivated to always give the best for what we do. Set goals that we want to achieve and believe that we are capable, keep learning, and improve ourselves, because we don’t come this far to be this far.” as she hopes for the next generation of English Departement students.

Author & Editor : Febby Cilcila