SEEDS Is Back With A Fun Webinar: Visualize The Future


Sunday (11/21) was the day on which the SEEDS (Society of English Education Department) work program took place for the umpteenth time. This event was the second series of events from online brotherhood, namely webinar (a collaboration between HRD and Education divisions) where the first series was held since a week ago, namely online competition. Brotherhood itself is an annual event that is routinely held by the HRD division in the SEEDS organization for English education students within the scope of FKIP University of Lampung, especially new students from the 2021 batch. The speaker presented at this event is an expert in the field of English, namely Mr. Reza Pahlevi. He is known as a tutor, linguist, lecturer, quality manager, and even a localization specialist.

The webinar was held with the fun zoom meeting method with the theme “Visualize the Future” where the discussion contained tips and an overview of the world of work. The speaker also focused on discussing examples of careers for English graduates and how to apply them. There are so many job prospects that Mr. Reza Pahlevi described in detail one by one such as; translator, creative writer, product tester, localization specialist, linguist, lecturer, vendor management, project manager, etc.

The target of the webinar, which was more than 100 students of English education at FKIP Unila, really showed their enthusiasm when the webinar was held. Even on the scale of new students, the class of 2021 was very interested and curious about their prospects for work after graduation. They were not only asked about how to get accepted into a bonafide job but also about how to increase student motivation in studying and working at the same time.

In addition to the webinar with special speakers, this event also presented an announcement for the winners of the online competition which has been held since the previous week. This competition consisted of a song cover, speech, podcast, and poster design competition that must be followed by new students from the class of 2021. The announcement of the winner was mentioned at the end of the event after the QNA session was over. Overall, the event ran smoothly from 9 to 11 am. Fortunately, the success of this event could not be separated from the hard work of the 2019 and 2020 SEEDS committees and administrators in it.

The committees themselves monitored and carried out their respective jobdesk offline at the SEEDS homebase. Of course by implementing health protocols and avoid making any ridiculous problems. Right after the zoom meeting was completed, the committee immediately held an on-site evaluation meeting to review the activities on that day and the technical constraint in it. After all, it didn’t end here. SEEDS itself will still hold other creative events for the next management period which of course is expected to attract a larger audience and bring benefits and good influence to more people.

Editor : Febby Cilcila