English Education Department Invited Keynote Speakers from 4 Different Countries in the 3rd ICON ELTL 2021


The International Conference in English Language Teaching has been conducted successfully for the third time after its first emergence in 2018. This third international conference from The Department of English Language Education was held on September 4 2021. 

Four keynote speakers were invited for this year’s conference: Prof. Marianne Nikolov from University of Pecs, Hungary, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Abu Bakar Mohammed Razali from Universiti Putra Malaysia, Dr. Ng Chiew Hong from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, and Ujang Suparman, Ph.D. from Unila, Indonesia. All keynote speakers are experts in English language teaching and learning field, with specializations in varied sub-domains.

There were 52 paper presenters with more than 120 audiences attending the online conference. The event was started by opening speech from the Vice Rector, Professor Suharso and followed by welcoming remarks by Professor Patuan Raja as the Dean of Teacher Training and Education Faculty. The first panel session was initialized by presentation from Professor Marianne from University of Pecs and followed by presentation from Abu Bakar Razali from Universiti Putra Malaysia. 

First panel session presenters. Abu Bakar Razali (top left), Professor Marriane (bottom), and Hery Yufrizal., M.A., Ph.D as the moderator (top right)

Parallel Sessions was conducted between 11 AM to 3 PM. Most paper presenters were actively participating in creating such lively and fruitful discussion during the sessions.

The final panel was involving Ng Chiew Hong from Nanyang Technological University and Ujang Suparman from Universitas Lampung. The event was closed by the Head of Department of English Language Education, Ari Nurweni.

Final panel session. Ng Chiew Hong as the presenter (left) and Budi Kadaryanto, S.Pd., M.A. as the moderator (right)

Overall, the event was a big success despite the limitation caused by the pandemic of COVID-19. ICON ELTL proves that time and space will never be boundaries to have such meaningful academic forum.


Editor: Sarah Salma Diyani

Photo credit: Eduspot Unila