English Department’s Prodigy is on Top Three

The Rector of UNILA, Prof. Dr. Karomani, M.Si inaugurated Dian Pawitri Ayu as the 3rd best graduate at the university level


Dian Pawitri Ayu from English Department University of Lampung was carving out history by becoming the 3rd best graduate at the university level, after unanimously crowned as the best in the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP), overstepping the other contenders from varied departments. Dian completed her study in 3 years and 7 months with the GPA of 3.89, and EPT score of 553, granting her the Cum Laude title of Bachelor of Education.

When she was active as a student, Dian was involved in several organizations and clubs, making her actively participated in both academic, and also non-academic affairs.

“Studying in Unila was one of the most influential experience in my life. With such dynamic education system and also varied programs, I have developed some essential potentials within me. This title is an honor yet a huge responsibility to carry with. What I have learned in this great institution should be applied for the sake of community, and the science itself.” 

The testimonial speech has been clearly stated. With such great achievement, comes great challenges ahead.