SEEDS Iftar On The Road 2021


On May 1st, 2021 SEEDS has successfully carried out an activity named “SEEDS Iftar On The Road”. This agenda was handled by SEEDS as an effort to provide an activity that has a positive impact during the month of Ramadhan. This activity is one of the programs belonging to the Public Relation Division in the form of distributing snacks/takjil to break the fast for predetermined targets, the surrounding community, and online drivers in particular. In this program, SEEDS also continued to remain health protocols by requiring all participants to wear masks and wash their hands both before and after distributing snacks/takjil.

This event was attended by 17 participants which consisted of main presidium and several members from the Human Resource Development, Media Center, and Religious divisions. Regarding the funds used, SEEDS has opened a special donation for SEEDS Iftar On The Road. The funds collected reached Rp.935.000 which was exceeded our expectations as committee of this activity.

Moreover, according to the event rundown that has been made, the activity started at 2 P.M by waiting in the basecamp and confirming the attendance of the participants. After that, all of the committees prepared the snack/takjil, ensuring that the takjil to be distributed was appropriate and fulfilled the target, which was 100 boxes. There were several traditional cakes and a packaged drink in each box of snack.

Then, after Ashar, the agenda was continued by heading to the targeted location which was at the Way Halim Traffic Lights, Bandar Lampung. The committees were divided into teams to stay at four distribution points for making it more efficient.  The takjil allocation process was run smoothly, even though the location  was quite risky due to crowded vehicles and the traffic. The distribution was also carried out in an orderly manner as it was executed only when the light was red and made sure that there were some appropriate target at each stop.

After all, after struggling with the time, this mission was done successfully that all of the snacks were distributed properly. However, there was still Rp.355.000 left so the committees decided to give the money to the mosque donation. It is hoped that this activity can be continued well and even better by the next SEEDS.

Author: Adi Budiyanto