Sunday, April 11th 2021 was the 4th anniversary of SEEDS (Society of English Education Department Students) FKIP UNILA. Conducted by the new presidium and members, SEEDS commemorated its anniversary by having a different way of celebration. SEEDS collaborated with Wardah to hold a mini beauty class. This event was chosen as an alternative celebration since it was free of charge and the participants did not need to attend an offline meeting, considering that we are still running WFH until now, so this was simple to hold. The event was held a week later as on the 11th day, SEEDS had a workshop with the student representative council to discuss the management of work program in 2021.

The mini beauty class was attended by approximately 50 participants (SEEDS members) in a zoom meeting session during the day. This event included the presentation of beauty lesson by Wardah as the provider of the beauty guru, following by the questions and answers session where the participants could have in-depth consultations regarding skincare routines or beauty tips. There was also a quiz with hampers of Wardah products as the prizes.

The enthusiasm of the participants began to peak when the speaker asked about skin problems that are often faced by teenagers today. That way, the conversations between participants and the speaker ran smoothly and became interesting as the majority of participants were women. This event is intended to develop SEEDS to have larger scope in various field by having different types of educative programs. Moreover, it is also expected to build the prestige of SEEDS so the organization can be more recognized outside University of Lampung.

Author: Annisa S