Writing Class Hack


Writing subject awaits you as you reach the second semester. Start from the basic one, you will be introduced to writing stuff like, constructing proper sentences, arranging valuable paragraph until producing a full text of writing. To get you more prepared, here are some tips you can do when attending writing class.


  1. Understanding the topic

Before you start writing, you have to make sure that you know the topic well. Thinking about how many sub topics that you can bring into your writing. If you are too confused, do not hesitate to ask your friend or lecturer in order to minimize misinterpretation.

  1. Constructing outline

The second important thing that you have to do is making an outline of your writing. Just write down all of ideas that pop out on your mind and divided them into some points to be elaborated on each paragraph. This kind of outline composing help you to minimize ‘the hole’ on your writing.

  1. Peer correction

Before you hand in you writing to the lecturer, you may let your friend to check it first and give some comments or suggestion. You may not realize that you might do some minor error such as typo or lack of punctuation. By having peer correction, your writing will be much ‘perfect’ to be read by the lecturer.

  1. Making draft

Last thing, do not forget to always have some writing draft. After someone give you feedbacks, do not directly revise the original version of your writing. You can copy and paste your writing into a new document first and have it as your second draft.


By following those hints, creating a piece of writing feels like a five-finger exercise. Do not forget to arrange your schedule properly as a good writing takes time to be born. Enjoy each of the process until you do not realize that tomorrow is the end of the semester. Good luck!

-Dian P-