SEEDS (Society of English Education Department Students) Organized Outbound for Freshmen


Sunday, October 27 2019, SEEDS (Society of English Education Department Students) organized outbound activity for the freshmen. The objectives were to build solid relationship among the students as well as to welcome the new members of the department.

The agenda began at 07.00 AM in the Campus of English Department. Then, all the participants, committees and lecturer departed to the destination by riding bus to Ketapang Pier before continued sailing on some small boats to the Mahitam Island, where the outbound was held.

The students arrived on the island at 09.00 AM. They were participated in several types of activities including some team-based games, individual performances and leadership training. After lunch break at 01.00 PM, the committee as well as the freshmen were scheduled to elect the class leader. The voting results won Boy Syahraga as the leader of Batch ’19.

The activity was finally closed with color party before everyone returned to the pier and went back to the campus.

The total participants and committee of this agenda were around 200 students and 1 lecturer.