Call for Papers

Call for Papers

The 4th Graduate Students Conference Sanata Dharma University

Contributions and Challenges of English Linguistics:

Diverse Perspective of the Ownership of English


  1. The English Varieties Influenced by the First Language
  2. The Varieties of English Accent in Non-English Speaking Countries
  3. The Issue of Standard and Non-standard Englishes and the Society
  4. Appropriate Approaches, Methods, and Techniques in Teaching English as a Foreign Language
  5. Media and Technology in Relation to Language Change
  6. Language as a Means to Establish Power Relation
  7. Literary Works of Other Englishes in Comparison to World Literature
  8. The Issues of Cultural Expressions in Translation



100-150 words, submitted before October 17th, 2015


Further Information: Secretariat of English Language Studies Graduate Program Sanata Dharma University, Jl. Affandi, Tromol Pos 29 Yogyakarta, 55002. Phone: (0274) 513301, 515352 Ext. 1501. E-mail:; Fax: (0274) 562383
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