Welcome, New Students…


Today, 27th August 2015, lecturers, staff, and some senior students gave a warm welcome to all new students of the English Education Study Program. The Head of the English Department, Dr. Ari Nurweni, M.A., addressed a few introductory remarks to the freshmen. “Welcome and congratulations on your admission into the English Education Study Program, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, the University of Lampung. You have chosen to be a part of our special community and we are thrilled to have you join us. At this New Student Orientation you will learn more about academic vision and missions, your role, and our commitment to service-learning”, said Nurweni. After the introductory remarks, all lecturers attending the event were invited to do introductions in front of the freshmen.

The primary goal of the New Student Orientation is to provide all new students with the information about important resources and a wide range of programs and services. Once they successfully “graduate” from the Orientation, they will be on their way to becoming a successful student of the English Department.

All of the new students learned a lot about the English Department. It was their first opportunity to help them navigate the campus and to find out more about their major, schedule of classes, lecturers, academic advisors, clubs and organizations, etc. A total of 101 English Department new students attended the event. All of them looked so excited because it was also filled with fun activities.

Once again, welcome and congratulations to all English Department freshmen. Your admission into the English Department serves as proof of your personal and academic accomplishments. We will empower you in and out of the classroom to make a positive impact in the lives of others while reaching your highest potential. We look forward to seeing you in classes.