Assignment for Postgraduate Program of English

Subject : English Teaching Assessment
Time of submitting : Friday, 28 November 2014.
Answer the following questions; you can use your recourses or references.
You have to do it indepently
Your answer should be computerized
I. Answer or give response the following questions or cases
1. Give your critical opinion or ideas about the statements below.
– Teaching and testing (assessment) cannot be separated
– Any type of testing or assessment can influence the learners’ achievement
2. What is authentic assessment according to you? Explain by giving illustration; Make some comment or critics about authentic assessment
3. Find some advantages and disadvantages of authentic assessment
4. Compare the authentic assessment and traditional way of assessment in terms of
– scoring
– benefit
– effect to learning
5. The table below is the result of item analysis based a try out. It consists of 20 students for each group (Upper/Lower)
– Complete the table
– Give your comment dealing with the quality of each item and its option.

Group Option
N0 A B C D U-L U+L FV DI Comment
1 U 16 0 4 *0
L 13 4 2 1
2 U *7 4 8 1
L 1 3 4 12
3 U 0 2 1 17*
L 3 4 10 3
4 U 4 3 *13 0
L 3 7 5 5
Note: U= upper group; L= lower group; FV= facility value; DI = discrimination index
II. Consider the following test items; give comment and critics and give some possible alternatives (revision)
A. His father ….. the car now.
a) were washing
b) is repairing
c) am washing
d) are repairing

B. Filling blank
They were having lunch when I … to the house
a) am coming
b) came
c) comed
d) was coming
C. Change the sentence from active to passive (passive to active)
I bought a nice book at the book store
The data were collected through questionnaire

D. Choose the right verb:
I (bought/was bought) a book at the book store last week.

E. Fill in the blank
I …. a book at the book store yesterday
a. am buying
b. was bought
c. buy
d . bought

Good luck

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